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I am back

Par Jerome_I - 08-11-2008 02:55:00 - 6 commentaires



After 2 weeks eating pizza, drinking beer and relaxing, doing no sport at all, not even running to catch the bus! I am back on the track...

Tonight my friend Enzo told me. "I am training for my 24 hours race. i will run from midnight till 6.00. You should come with me otherwise it will be too long for me and I won't be so motivated to run it."

Then tonight we started at midnight, 4 of us. After one hour 2 left. Then I staid one more hour with Enzo. It was quiet. Sometimes, young people were staying 15 minutes to play soccer on the playground, but the park was empty. 


Then now Enzo is making loops on his own. Every lap he is runnng 1.25miles in the Ruffini Park, Torino, Italia. Then at the end he wanted to run 25 laps in 6 hours, maybe less.

Often Enzo was telling me "But who makes you do it?!". It is so true, but it is the best training to achieve a good score in the 24 hours.

Good luck to him.


Please remember that we will organise a 24 hours race in the ruffini Park: The first Torino 24 hours. This will happen the 13 - 14 June 2009.

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6 commentaires

Commentaire de L'Castor Junior posté le 08-11-2008 à 08:36:46

Non capisco !?!
E questo ingles ???

Bon, un 24 heures en juin, une semaine après la Transaq', et une semaine avant le Mercantour, ça va être chaud.
Mais pourquoi pas ? ;-))

Commentaire de Le Lutin d'Ecouves posté le 08-11-2008 à 11:49:45

That's the Italian way of writing english ?
Translation : After two fuckin' weeks drinkin' and eatin' like a pig, I decided to be back on training with a friend who prepares a fuckin' 24 hours in Torino. We were runnin' like hamsters around the Ruffini Park. It's kick ass !
Remember that fuckin' race : the 13th and 14th june.

Commentaire de Rag' posté le 08-11-2008 à 14:41:48

Hello, my name is Peter. My taylor is rich. Look at the window.

Commentaire de béné38 posté le 08-11-2008 à 18:08:43

C'est la nostalgie du marathon de New-York ??
Be careful Jérome is back.... and Brian is in the kitchen...

Commentaire de franchino posté le 09-11-2008 à 15:52:22

Ciao Jerome!
Finalmente mi sono iscritto!

Bell'allenamento, di notte, chissà chi vi vedeva cosa pensava ;-)!
Ma chi organizza la 24 ore? Enzo?


Commentaire de Françoise 84 posté le 11-11-2008 à 15:11:13

Bon, Jérôme, tu pourrais avoir pitié des vieux qui ont oublié leurs cours de langues...!!!

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